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Evolution Martial Arts Classes Surrey

At Evolution Martial Arts we teach ‘Pil Sung Do’ which is more than a martial art – it’s a unique self-defence system that through the use of modern scientific body bio-mechanics can be used by everyone young or old; male or female to effectively defend ones self, it is incredibly effective and easy to learn.

Aimed at all the family, our system is founded on the principles that its self-defence techniques generate power, are practical and easy to learn, while enhancing your health, fitness and flexibility to promote striking results.

Taking part in our Pil Sung Do classes means you can benefit from increased physical conditioning, cardio-vascular fitness and stamina, help with weight loss (when accompanied by an appropriate diet), reduced stress and tension, increased flexibility and agility, self-defence and awareness.

Exciting & Enjoyable

Exciting & Enjoyable

Our martial arts training drills are extreme enjoyable and fun and helps increase flexibility and suppleness.

Fully Qualified Instructors

Fully Qualified Instructors

Our fully qualified martial arts instructors will motivate you ensuring you achieve your goals.

Safe Environment

Safe Environment

All classes are taught in a safe environment! Putting your health, safety and enjoyment first.

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  • My Son Connor and I joined Pil Sung Do in October 2009. I really wanted my son to learn martial arts as I thought it would give him great confidence throughout his life, also Connor was really interested in learning and kept asking me if there was any groups anywhere.

    I myself wanted to learn as well as had put on some weight from just giving birth to recent baby of 6 months at the time of joining.. Since joining Pil Sung Do I have enjoyed it every week and training has given Connor and I great confidence within ourselves plus I have also lost nearly 3 stone which is great!

    The instructors are brilliant and the school has a great atmosphere. Pil Sung Do is a great workout, great self defence and a great confidence builder!

    Zoe Pitcher
    Mum & Beauty Therapist

  • I took up Pil Sung Do 8 months ago. Since then my confidence has increased greatly and I feel I AM getting fitter and stronger as each lesson goes by, As I used to spend a lot of my waking hours on the computer, I have noticed that I am now becoming a lot faster in my mind as well, and a lot more alert and focused at College.

    My grades have gone up from C’s and D’s to B’s. This is all since I started Pil Sung Do. The art itself is very practical and easy to apply as it is based upon natural instinct, and is engineered to deliver maximum power constantly with each movement, with minimum effort. Pil Sung Do syllabus is very progressive and logical as well as comprehensive.

    My dad also took up Pil Sung Do after 3 months of taking me to class, we have become a lot closer, which I feel, and I am sure he does as well, is a good thing. It has also changed my outlook on life and the way I treat other people (for the better). It’s also an incredible fun.

    James Roberts

  • My teenage son took up ‘Pil Sung Do’ about eight months ago. Having taken him to his lessons for the first three months I decided that I would give it a go because what I saw in every class made great sense. With the encouragement of the Grand master. This turned out to be a wise decision. Not only did I learn to defend myself within a short time, but I have also increased my fitness and agility levels.

    This has changed my outlook on life in general, more importantly I get to spend more time with my son doing something we both love without intruding on his space. I feel this has bought us closer, which can only be a good thing, and I must add that the classes are FUN, FUN, FUN!! The great thing about this form of martial art is that everything is so easy to learn as it is based the body’s own natural reflexes.

    This makes it so much easier to perform all movements and over a short period of time the body and muscles program themselves to achieve total ability for responding easily in a self defence situation.

    Mike Roberts