Family Martial Arts Classes

Train together as a family and have fun with Pil Sung Do!

Family Martial Arts Classes

Have you ever wondered just how the kids have grown up so fast? Do you find that the house is often too quiet because the kids are out with their friends all of the time? Well this may be because you’re not sharing enough time together as a family.

Time with the family is very important in the development of children and growth of the family unit. Sharing time together allows family members to get to know each other and strengthen those relationships which determine the overall quality of life at home.

Organising a regular session each week where the family can enjoy time together is a positive leap towards achieving a healthy family home.

Family Martial Arts Classes

Pil Sung Do is an activity that is open to all ages and doesn’t require a set level of fitness to start. It provides an excellent opportunity for families to come and spend time with each other and make new friends.

Classes include a combination of fitness training and teaching self-defence techniques by qualified instructors and there are plenty of sessions available in the week so there’s bound to be one that the whole family can attend.

When booking family time, the best way is to speak to everyone and find a period in the week where everyone is free to take part in a family activity. Discuss why you think that it is important to spend this time together and ensure them that everyone will benefit from it.

Ask children to express their interests and talk about what they like doing and why and then try to choose an activity that everyone can get involved in – preferably one that encourages teamwork and communication. Parents should let the children know how much they value spending time with them as they will appreciate this and feel wanted.

A 2007 survey commissioned by The Children’s Society – a part of Good Childhood Inquiry – found that 61% of adults questioned said that parents do not get enough time to spend with their children. 48% of the 1,148 adults asked said that they had to put a career first even if it affected relationships.

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society, speaking in 2007 said that: “Family is hugely important in the lives of all children yet modern society appears to be pulling them apart”.

So if you feel that your family could do with sharing more time together then encourage them to join Pil Sung Do and enjoy learning a new and useful skill together.

Family Martial Arts Classes

Enjoyment for everyone

Pil Sung Do can be enjoyed by all. You don’t have to be at peak physical fitness to take part, you just have to be motivated to achieve success!

Today’s world is crowded with thousands of gadgets, toys, utensils and activities that are designed to attract our attention by appearing as though we need them and promising us that our lives will somehow be enhanced by having them.

“Spending uninterrupted time with the family is the best way to strengthen relationships within the family unit”

But whilst these things offer enjoyment and often fulfil our necessities, our desire for material possessions and instant stimulus has arguably lead us away from the core values of life and invited us to live as individuals rather than as part of a community.

Participating in Pil Sung Do offers a space where friends and families can unite and spend quality time together learning new skills, supporting each other through fitness workouts and training exercises and witness each other achieve success.

“Release yourself from the humdrum weekly routine and explore your mind and body”

In recent years, popular activities have served to break down the family unit to an extent where each member has their own schedule which often involves spending more time participating in individual activities than with those closest to them. As a result many friends and families seem to grow further apart and distant from one another.

Family Martial Arts Classes

Spending time with friends and family is the best way to strengthen relationships and learn more about the people that you live and grow with. Trust, confidence and communication for example are all important qualities in healthy relationships and sharing a fun activity together on a regular basis is a great way to continue to build and develop them.

“…concentration, communication, ethics and team work”

If your children spend hours glued to the TV or playing video games why not encourage them to take up an activity which offers the opportunity to make new friends and learn a useful skill? Pil Sung Do training will allow them to develop vital life skills such as concentration, communication, ethics and team work in a safe and controlled environment that is geared to push every one to do their best and fulfil their true potential.

Better still why not join them and watch as they achieve their goals? Why not release yourself from the humdrum weekly routine and explore your mind and body in ways that you probably never imagined? Training will massively benefit your physical health, state of mind, outlook on life and not forgetting the ability to defend yourself in combat! Anyone can join Pil Sung Do!

Family Martial Arts Classes
Family Martial Arts Classes

Train from the age of five upwards

Today, children’s health is a growing concern for both parents and the government. One in three children is currently obese and the number of overweight children has more than doubled over the last 30-years.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed and quickly. Therefore, it is important that children are introduced to health and fitness early on in life and motivated to pursue a lifestyle that includes keeping themselves in good shape.

Joining Pil Sung Do is an excellent way of keeping children fit and healthy and is open to all ages from five-years upwards and doesn’t require a specific fitness level to start. It is suitable for young children to take part in and offers a safe and exciting environment for children to experience a new skill, make friends and keep themselves in good shape.

According to dietary guidelines from U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services all children two-years and up should get 60-minutes of exercise on most, preferably all, of the days of the week.

Training includes work-outs and exercises to help burn off excess weight, strengthen muscle groups and enhance mental agility whilst introducing children to the art of Pil Sung Do (meaning certain victory).

Over recent decades children have adopted a more sedentary lifestyle that is centred largely on activities such as watching TV and playing video games. These sorts of activities hold no physical advantage to a child’s fitness nor do they motivate them to do anything about this. If a child becomes too comfortable and familiar with an inactive lifestyle they are likely to continue with it into adult life potentially putting themselves at risk of contracting health problems in the future.

“Self-defence training will coach children how to defend themselves in close combat situations”

Experienced and qualified instructors supervise children through training where a variety of exercises will be taught through demonstration for easy learning. Fitness exercises focus on strengthening the muscles and bones, endurance, improving physical flexibility and enhancing mental agility. Self-defence training will coach children how to defend themselves – a useful skill for life!

Learning Pil Sung Do also offers many other qualities that are important in a child’s development. It will build confidence, self-esteem, improve social skills and motivate children to try their best and succeed – all important life skills.

Young kids should not be inactive for long periods of time and for no longer than 2-hours for those of school age. Children look upon their parents as positive role models and often try to follow in their footsteps. As said earlier, Pil Sung Do is open to all ages so if parents would like to encourage their children to get fit why not lead by example and try it for yourself and share the experience together!