Fitness & Stamina

When taking up a new sport or physical activity it helps to have a reasonable level of fitness.

Fitness & Stamina

When taking up a new sport or physical activity it helps to have a reasonable level of fitness.

This doesn’t mean that if you are unfit that you shouldn’t take part as Pil Sung Do welcomes people of all levels of fitness.

Pil Sung Do will help develop and maintain your fitness in a smooth and progressive manner towards being the best that you can be.

Stamina: “the capability of sustaining prolonged stressful effort” (Wikipedia).

Pil Sung Do classes include aerobic training programmes to develop stamina and endurance in order to get you through classes where it is important to be able to sustain a high level of physical performance over both long and short periods of time.

These programmes hold a common goal which is to increase the quantity of oxygen that is breathed in and improve the efficiency that it is pumped around the body to ensure that muscles can work at their optimum.

You will participate in a variety of aerobic exercises geared toward:

  • Increasing lung capacity
  • Strengthening the muscle around the heart
  • Increasing the quantity of oxygen supplied to the muscles

By increasing lung capacity this will invite more oxygen into your body with every breath. Strengthening the muscle around the heart will allow it to pump blood containing this oxygen around the body faster. Therefore, the more oxygen the muscles receive the better they will work.

Building up stamina through physical training can also benefit personal health as having a high level of stamina can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and burn off fat.

In addition, tiredness can have a negative impact on focus which may hinder for example, the progress of workplace projects that require high levels of thought processing. Increasing stamina through physical training can improve overall mental fitness which will lead to improving the ability to maintain concentration over long periods of time and therefore increase mental productivity.

Improving mental fitness can often lead to a more positive outlook on life too. Generally, keeping physically fit improves mental fitness and helps build confidence making you feel good about yourself and encourages a more positive outlook on life.

Flexibility and Agility

Physical fitness needs to be proportionate to the demands of the sport. Whilst martial arts is essentially about attack and defence using punches and kicks in fight situations, it also requires students to be physically fit enough to execute its moves correctly and effectively.

Flexibility and agility are important attributes of a martial artist as indeed they are for athletes of any sport or physical activity. Flexibility concentrates on the physiological aspects involved in a body action and the effort at which this is performed at e.g. the system of muscle and joint movement used to throw a punch.

Agility focuses on the mental process undergone prior to throwing the punch i.e. the efficiency at which the brain can process all of the information absorbed through the senses and action a response through the body e.g. a punch.

“Adequate flexibility for sport requires that an athlete have free mobility throughout a slightly greater range of motion than necessary for the given sport skill” (Sharkey and Gaskill, Sport Physiology for Coaches, Human Kinetics Europe Ltd, 2006 p.117).

Everyone has a different level of flexibility and agility and the good thing is that these can be improved. Training for Pil Sung Do includes a series of exercises that will help you to develop your flexibility and agility so that you will be better equipped to execute Pil Sung Do techniques.Fitness And Stamina Pil Sung Do

Have you ever run for the train or bus and later found your legs to be a little stiff? This is probably because you have exerted more exercise on your leg muscles than they are used to. But improved flexibility could help overcome everyday situations like this as it helps prevent injuries by making sure that muscles, ligaments and tendons work together correctly.

Sharp reactions in both defence and attack are key as these could ultimately determine your advantage over an opponent or agressor so optimizing agility levels is vital. Sluggish reactions could leave you open to attack if you cannot raise your guard quickly enough to defend your opponent’s punch or kick.

The more elastic the muscle the greater the explosive power.

The neck, upper body, lower back, bones and joints all need flexibility in order to move quickly into defence or attack positions and your brain needs to think quickly to protect you or launch a punch or kick.

Achieving sound flexibility and agility will not put points on your scorecard but they are the underlying components within your performance that will help you to defend yourself!