Grandmaster & Founder

Grandmaster Seif–El-Nasr Hammouda 9th Dan

Message From Our GrandMaster

Grandmaster Hammouda – 9th Dan

I would like to welcome you to our Pil Sung Do family, and its houses of excellence, where you will be training and enjoying many hours of fun and laughter whilst you learn the most advanced self-defence system in the world today.

My greatest challenge was devising new modern training methods to enable students to learn, adapt and achieve the high standard of excellence that the syllabus requires, under totally safe conditions.

Our pledge is to strive to make you surprise yourself in every class through your own progress.

See you soon wearing your own black belt!

Stephen Hammouda. 9th Dan Grandmaster and Founder.

About our Grandmaster

Grandmaster Seif–El-Nasr Hammouda 9th Dan, known as Stephen Hammouda, comes from a prominent Egyptian family with a long traceable history to the 16th century.

Moved to the UK in September 1975, currently living in Camberley Surrey.

Hobbies include Horse Riding, Scuba Diving, Gardening, Aquatics, Ancient and modern Weapons training.

At the age of 5 years old, trained in local Martial Arts at his family private estate located near the foot of the great pyramids of Giza. This followed by training in Judo, Shotokan, as well as boxing, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Fencing.

After a 3-year break, resumed training in Shotokan again, trained in both Kick boxing and Thai Boxing. Achieved Black Belts and instructor status in Tae Kwon-Do, Choi Kwang-Do, Sul Ki Do, Kong Su Do and Mu Sa Do.

Grand Master Hammouda Studied various other South East Asian Martial Arts that helped in the engineering of Pil Sung Do, while some of these arts are little known to the Western world like the ancient Cambodian arts of Bokatar and Khmer Boxing, which flourished during the early part of the 11th century and enabled the Cambodian Kingdom to defeat other kingdoms known today as Burma, Vietnam and Thailand.

Produced the youngest Male and Female black belts students in the UK with stunning power and technical excellence as seen on TV Thames news twice with Master R. Koo.

Trained with many Masters, such as, Park Jung Tae, Park Jong Soo, Rhee Ki Ha, Son Myung Son, Jack Hwang, Professor Remy Presas, R. Koo, M. Pereira, Kwang Jo Choi, Trevor Nicholls, M.Y. Kim, O.M. Jemirifo, M. Tuft and Woo Jin Jung, Han Sam Soo, Chung Kee Tae.

Released Pil Sung Do concepts of Hwa Rang and Pil Sung in April 1990.

Hwa Rang Syllabus, beginners to 1st Dan,

Pil Sung syllabus, 1st Dan to 4th Dan Inclusive,

Released Infinity concept in April 1997, Infinity syllabus covering Mastership levels from 5th Dan and above which completes the art of Pil Sung Do.

Formulated the structure of U.K.T.F.

Former Secretary, Treasurer G.L.T.A.

Founder and Former President of United Kingdom Pil Sung Do Federation.

Former Chairman United Kingdom Kong Su Do Council.

Former Executive committee member United Kingdom Sul Ki Do Federation.

Former Chief Instructor, Examiner United Kingdom Pil Sung Association

Promoted to 9th Dan by Executive committee members of U.K.P.F., as P.S.D. was complete, inclusive of 4th Dan syllabus, making it in line with most Martial Arts today, but he declined to accept the promotion as he was still working on Infinity the final chapter in Pil Sung Do.

Promoted again by U.K.P.F. to 9th Dan in April 1997, this time he accepted his promotion as Pil Sung Do had been completed. Infinity concept was pure genius, light years ahead from anything that is ever been known to have existed in Martial Arts history.

Grand Master Hammouda is known among his peers as both, ‘The Human Weapon’ and as a ‘Technical Encyclopaedia’ in Martial Arts.